Training Programs 

At Indiana University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, we created training materials for Kuali Coeus, Research Administration Systems.  We provided training guidesproject managementvideos, budgets and hands-on training delivery for hundreds of campus end-users. We also worked along-side university trainers  to help them prepare for on-going training. 

IT Projects - project Management, Analysis, implementations

Selecting and implementing software solutions can be tough!  Often organizations must change or adapt to new business processes.    

Our company provided business and research administration specific systems analysis and functional design. We have consulted for Kuali Open Source software implementations at University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Colorado State University, California State University at Monterey Bay, University of Maryland, Carnegie Mellon, Masdar Institute, U.A.E., University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, and Coastal Carolina. We also have experience in SAP Customer and Distribution Systems at Eli Lilly and Company.   

We also worked on Cayuse Software Systems and performed Project Management Support for University of California, Davis. 

Tasks included project management, system configuration, communication plans, and testing. We analyzed business processes, mitigated risks and discovered ways to incorporate current business requirements into efficient and workable solutions for their budgets.  

Clinical Trials - Reports and analysis   

Working in diabetes and endocrine areas, we designed reports and worked on coordinating safety data using SAS as trials prepared for data locks. We also have worked with IRB software systems, using Kuali Open Source Software, training IRB administrators at numerous institutions.